It is the era of social Media nowadays. Nothing could be kept secret and also everything you share at one stage goes viral throughout the internet. Individuals are being deprived of solitude. It can cause significant issues and disturbances to one’s life also. The info that you tell just one person will reach into lots of others without your knowledge. Such incidents could cause leak of key data like your mobile numbers or electronic mail addresses, some of it might result in targeted advertisement.

So, There’s a requirement of Such system that is safe and encrypted and secure. For the purpose, one has to truly have a private messenger. It’ll protect oneself in regaining data that is private.
Private messengers:
It is a matter of some Deep research and basic information before choosing any messenger for your trade of ideas along with also other information. One needs to have fundamental knowledge of those dangers which may influence him .
Following dangers Need to Be well understood previously Picking messenger:
· Amount of centralization
· Anonymous enrollment and Utilize
· Data-encryption
Degree of centralization
It is made of three kinds as:
Ø Centralized; Requires single host
Ø Decentralized; Every client has got the host
Ø Federated; Communication of servers through a network
Anonymous enrollment
Some messengers Enable You to enroll anonymously Through emails while others require phone numbers.Some demand phonenumber only to protect against spams.

Some messengers let account production with no reference.
Data encryption
The encryption type could function:
Ø Elliptic Stinks
Ø Finish To end encryption
Keeping in mind the above-mentioned threats, best Encrypted messenger should really be selected to make certain data security. Here would be some couple of messengers: how
· Telegram
· Viber messenger
· WhatsApp messenger
· Utopia
· Cable
· Threema
· Dirt
And There Are Lots of others, which vary on their own threat Types and help you better pick the best encrypted messenger to suit you.