Have you recently faced serious natural disaster and it destroyed your roof? Definitely you will quickly need a guide or contractor that will help you to remodel your roof. It is your protection from the harshness of exterior elements and acts as a barrier. Unified home remodeling is one of those contractors and are ready to help you as soon as you contact them.

Role of roofing
As you have currently faced serious weather condition, your utmost priority would be more protection from weather harshness. Only consider those roofing materials that can play this role most effectively. Home remodeling experts will go for:
• Asphalt
• Wood
• Slate
• Metal
• Shingle material
All the above-mentioned material will not stand for longer until to pay much attention towards their repair regularly.
Cold weather roofing
• When it is the matter of withstanding harsh winter, home remodeling experts prefer composite tiles and slates. They will provide extra security and enforcement in addition to keeping your home warm.
• Asphalt roofing is another option used by home remodeling experts as it is waterproof.
• Cement tiles are also in their consideration, as it is fireproof. Before installing cement tiles make sure your house has strong foundation.
• Metal roofs are highly durable throughout winter season. They are lighter in weight and prevent the ice sheets from sliding off at once due to having roof guards.
Hot weather roofing
• Terra-Cota tiles can last decades longer in hot weather, but this makes them expensive as well and it’s worth it. Concrete tiles play similar role being less expensive.
• EPDM roofing is the synthetic rubber roofing, can resist UV radiations without cracking.
Green roofs, sounds interesting? Yes, it is. It has plant life suspended on waterproof membrane. They can reduce heat loss as well as heat absorption. They can also add necessary oxygen back to atmosphere, reduce heat island effect hence environmentally friendly. You can learn more about it at unifiedhomeremodeling.com .