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yaga wordpress responsive theme

Yaga is a multi-purpose, WordPress responsive theme, that comes equipped with all the features you need to set up a responsive WordPress site quick, fast and in a hurry.  Yaga offers something unique too, a pair of plug-ins, built by PeHaa themes.  Pehaa Themes Simple Posts types, which is nice, and that lets you add any custom post type you want to, such a recipes, portfolio projects, music, video, travel destinations or whatever you want.  Flexible much?  And the PeHaa Themes Page Builder, which makes it simple to craft your own design layouts using 20+ fancy content elements and text modules.  This theme also loads very quickly and smoothly too, because the number of http requests is relatively low.  That reduces the weight of the theme, causes it to load faster, particularly on mobile devices.  Very important for a simple WordPress theme.  The awesome design of this fantastic template perfectly constructed, it’s definitely child ready and compliant with the newest W3C standards for coding premium WordPress themes.  Hey, it even lets you instantly preview any and all customization, thanks to the WordPress customizer.

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