When we are on vacation and do not know where to go, we often have many options on the internet. Some people go to Thailand, others to Paris, but if you want to get away from the ostentation of the big cities, you can come to the Niagara Falls.

With a fall of approximately 64 meters and about 236 meters above sea level, its three great Falls (the American, Horseshoe, and Veil of Bride) offer you a spectacular insight into the power of nature in action and discover why Niagara Falls has been the scene of films like Niagara (starring Marilyn Monroe in 1953), Superman II (1980), “Chucky’s Girlfriend,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Camille” and “A Love Forever” and television series such as “Wonderfalls” (2004).

In airlinktours we offer you three one niagara falls day tours tailored for you to know:

Special tours Special private tours last nine hours with a maximum of seven guests per vehicle. In this tour, you can enjoy a special buffet at the Sheraton Falls-view restaurant from which you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Horseshoe Falls and the American Falls glow with the colors of the rainbow during twilight, for just $ 650.

Night Tours It consists of a night bus tour of Niagara Falls and the possibility of watching a firework show on the Hornblower cruise, for only 135 dollars (adults), 125 dollars (people over 65), and 115 dollars (children ).

Luxury Tour The luxury Niagara falls bus tour from Toronto takes you from the airport and from downtown Toronto hotels to Niagara Falls allowing you to get to know the hot tub area, the floral Niagara Parkway clock, historic sites like Queenston Heights where a Bloody Battle in 1812, the smallest chapel in the world and stores to buy in the city of Niagara-on-the-lake, and all for just $ 99 (adults), $ 89 (people over 65), and 79 dollars (children).

What else are you waiting for on a niagara falls day tours from Toronto?