Domestic violence cases are reported these days. You can get legal assistance for these cases from Domestic violence lawyer Fort Lauderdale. These lawyers make sure that the abusers get the maximum punishment as per the law.

The abuser can be arrested on the spot if the victim is severely injured and can be sentenced for more than a year. We are going to discuss some of the charges of domestic violence.

Violating protection orders from court

In some cases, the victim can request the protection orders from the court, if the abuser violates the orders; he can be charged and get punished for it. If you think that your partner will abuse you, get help from domestic violence attorney Boca Raton and ask for the protection orders from the court.

Assault and aggravated assault

If your partner is assaulting or harming you in any other way, it falls under domestic violence. If you report this case to the authorities, your partner can go to jail. If your partner assaults you, they are going to pay for it. These actions are a crime; it may result in civil liability and criminal cases.

Stalking is a form of domestic violence

Stalking is also a crime and the person can be booked under domestic violence. Stalking can be defined as a continuous pattern in which the other person becomes uncomfortable. It sometimes threatens the safety of you and your loved ones. Stalking can increase over time. Make sure that you report any such case because if you are worried about your safety.


Different types of behaviors fall into the category of harassment. Several laws are applied to the people who harass others.

In short, no matter which type of domestic violence you are subjected to, get help from the concerned authorities and save yourself.