Let yourself be adopted by all the benefits Provided from the newest Residential improvement on Yas Island. This project yas acres increases the remarkable expansion that the Arab Emirates have experienced modern times to provide most people with the possibility of residing in an great condominium that increases the growth of Abu Dhabi.

Yas Acres provides The possibility to select from adjoining houses and luxurious villas. The townhouses are offered in various sizes with two or three rooms, spacious, including all of the conveniences. The villas can be found with 2 three four, five and up to six rooms, so so you are able to make a choice according to your loved ones group.

The delivery date of those properties is projected to this Calendar Year, you Can manage the purchase of your new property in Yas Acres with deduction and benefits of maintenance and management fees for approximately three years.

This Is the Ideal place to build your own best recueros, surrounded with the Best natural picture and appreciating top quality providers. Yas Acres is arguably among the most important residential developments in Abu Dhabi, with a huge expenditure of AED6 billion to add several 1,315 condos to Yas Islan as well as the possibility of housing several 15,000 inhabitants by the end of the advancement.

The nine-hole integral golf course and the clubhouse Come at the Center Of this evolution, which supplies Yas Acres a distinctive dimension of its surroundings, which all owners can enjoy into the fullest, followed by a yacht center, Caribbean colleges firm, mosque, and other solutions.
In Yas Acres you can enjoy Promenades whenever you want, but you do not need direct accessibility into this shore, Yas seashore is very near and all the members of this evolution have a membership to enjoy whenever you would like.

To manage a Yas Acres house, the first Matter to do is install an Appointment, to understand each detail of the properties. Prices range from AED 2,500,000 into AED 8,900,000, based on the value of their square foot, the amount of sq toes and also the number of rooms.